Selling Yourself

I thought I would write a few thoughts about employment. It's easy to forget that as an employee your are a commodity easily bought sold or traded.  An employee can be upgraded downgraded or completely replaced.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are replaceable.  I have been laid off five different times and here [...]

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Delta Airlines Destroys A Bike Used for Charity and Fails to Refund Shipping Charges

Delta Airlines recently Destroyed a Triathelete's bike during transit. Triathelete James Lawrence is doing 20 triathons in 30 weeks to raise money for drought relief in Kenya. While traveling back from a triathlon in Hawaii his expensive custom bike was destroyed by Delta Airlines after paying $200 to check it. Delta is refusing to pay for the damage or even return the check baggage fee.

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Apple Becomes The Bully: Raids Journalist’s Home

What the hell has happened to Apple? Steve Jobs and Apple  are acting like the Gestapo. The background story in short… An Apple engineer looses the next-gen iPhone prototype at a bar.  Some one finds it and and attempts to return it to Apple. Apple doesn't realize its missing or whatever.  The finder after realizing [...]

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The Chunga Show at 101.9 THE END is Over!

After a 14 year run today was The End of The Chunga Show. Apparently its been reported at All Access that Citadel the owner of The End has adopted a dj-less format that will focus on 90's music and Gen X'ers. ALL ACCESS is hearing from reliable sources that CITADEL Triple A KENZ(THE END)/SALT LAKE [...]

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