CoEd Jokes Because Its Rivalry Week: BYU vs Utah

For some reason this years post of BYU CO ED jokes got stuck in wordpress... Well after a disappointing loss they have become unstuck and publishable.  Enjoy. SInce as long as I can remember BYU Coed jokes have been my favorite... Here are a few including a few Utah Coed jokes. What's a BYU coed's [...]

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More BYU CoEd Jokes

What's a BYU coed's favorite exercise? Jogging to the refrigerator. What did the BYU coed say when her boyfriend blew in her ear? Thanks for the refill, honey. Why did San Francisco get all the lesbians and Provo get all the BYU coeds? San Francisco had first choice. A BYU coed bragged, "I can marry [...]

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