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Maybe the BCS was right BYU is Over Rated.

Being a BYU fan is a lot like being a Chicago Cubs fan... It just brings heart ache. Tonight BYU season ended prematurely like a thorough bred breaking its leg in the first race of the triple crown. BYU Football was having a wonderful season all the way up until October when something happened, a [...]

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The BYU Football TV Black Out

One year ago, the Mountain West League and its Athletic Directors were stumbling over themselves; giddy as school girls to sign a 14 year TV deal worth $80 million dollars. This deal was the end all be all TV deals or the Millennium. I think it was more like the TV deal of the apocalypse. [...]

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Help the Needy Give to the Greedy

While some of you may remember I renounced my BYU Football fanhood about 6 months or so ago but I would like to regress and talk about news I recently read. Please don’t think that this is a ploy to get my BYU fanhood reinstated as I won’t probable ever do that. The news I [...]

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