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The US Justice Department Bullies Gibson without Filing Charges

Apparently the Department of Justice is going after Gibson Guitars for their use of imported woods. It appears that foreign law might have been broken although no evidence has been provided. Is this part of the Obama Jobs Plan? Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., has responded to the August 24 raid [...]

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The Best Quote on The Debt Ceiling Debate

The more I watch our political process in motion the sicker to my stomach I become. Where is the voice of reason? I thought local Utah blogger Connor Boyack summed it up nicely. These alarming circumstances have not been found without a silver lining by some. Several congressmen, Senator Mike Lee chief among them, are [...]

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Barack Obama Has Sold More Guns…

than any other President in history. Over the last few months America's love affair with their guns has taken people off of the sidelines and into gun stores across America. Gun sales have surged after Obama's election. Don't believe me!!! Read the results for your selves. The American people fear new, stricter, and far more [...]

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