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Swine Flu -Its a Rerun but It’s Profitable

I sometimes believe the media is so swine flu happy just so they can help sell this damn healthcare overhaul. (For the record its the wrong type of reform that Congress is pushing currently. ) The current President and much of Congress has been given a free pass by the media in my opinion. I am saying that the media seems to have been complicit in much of the governments actions lately. Creating a healthcare panic might be good to push through a very unpopular bill. Government profiting from healthcare... this could be interesting. I don't mean profit as in money but profit as bigger government more power. Government loves to expand and suck money.

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The Swine Flu Pandemic was caused by the Conservatives

Let's be honest for once do we really think for one second that $900 million dollars would prevented the 40 people that the Center for Disease Control have confirmed with Swine Flu. Do we honestly think that the masses are any less safe today because we didn't spend even more money in the Swineous Porkus Bill of 2009? I think not. No amount of money has fixed the ailing banks, suffering economy, stemmed massive job losses and decimated investments of hundreds of millions. Throwing money at a "pandemic preparedness plan" was not going to create jobs. Besides the medical industry is one of the few industries adding jobs.

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