Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014

I will admit it.  I am a Taylor Swift fan. And Here is WHY: She writes her own music. I have tried for 20 plus years to write a song.  I am still trying. She seem so sincere with her fans. I am constantly seeing how she tries hard to  improve the lives of her [...]

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Bee Thieves Sting Young Utah Beekeeper/ Utah Entreprenuers Step Up with Funding

Without a doubt thieves suck! Recently a young, local entrepreneur beekeeper was struck by thieves who stole more than $12000 in bees and honey.  A local Utah startup organization decided to step up and create a funding campaign to help this kid out.  I felt this was blog worthy and decided to donate to the [...]

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Remembering Randy Rhoads

It was 32 years ago today heavy metal music lost one of it’s greatest guitar heroes, Randy Rhoads. I remember seeing it on the news.  I didn't yet comprehend that he was the guitar player on Ozzy's Blizzard of Ozz record that was extremely popular at my little elementary school. It wouldn't dawn on me [...]

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Actor Matthew McConaughey Delivers Impassioned Oscar Acceptance Speech

Its not often that Hollywood recognizes God but Matthew McConaughey did just that in a very passionate acceptance speech after winning an Oscar for Best Actor. I think he gave a great speech and something that should be looked up to by many. “First off, I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to. [...]

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