More Trouble for Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' trouble continues as he may soon appear on an amusing new animal rights billboard in his hometown of Windermere, Fla. The Peta, animal rights group  has created a billboard design showing a photo of the Woods with the included text, "TOO MUCH SEX CAN BE A BAD THING." The message continues beneath the [...]

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Saints Fans Shoot Redskin’s Fan TV After a Bet

A dedicated Redskins fan bet his Saints loving Facebook buddies that if the Saints win they can come and shoot up his TV. Well the Redskins lost in overtime. His buddies arrived soon after with guns and beer. This video is REDNECK Central but amusing none the less.

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What’s Wrong with the American Economy Illustrated by Calvin & Hobbes

I don't know if this is a real Calvin and Hobbes but it illustrates some great points about American Business and our economy. It appears lately that the American Business Juggernaut has been sidelined. I believe we have too much government intervention hindering business.  It has become easier to do business elsewhere. Its cheaper, its faster, [...]

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