Tom Hanks’ 13 Greatest Movies Quotes

Tom Hanks is ranked as the fourth highest all-time box office star in North America, with a total gross of over $4.336 billion at the North American box office, an average of $100.8 million per film. Worldwide, his films have grossed over $8.586 billion. And from these films I have gathered a few of my favorite quotes. Apollo 13 [...]

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Zombieland Rules

I am not much into horror flicks but every time I watch Zombieland it makes me laugh.  You can even get it as a t-shirt. Here are the Zombieland Rules: Cardio The Double Tap Beware of Bathrooms Wear Seat Belts No Attachments The “Skillet” Travel Light Get a Kick Ass Partner With your Bare Hands [...]

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Happy 75th Birthday Bob!

Today is the 75th birthday of legendary actor/director/activist Robert Redford.  I was lucky enough to work for Bob Redford for 3 years at his Sundance Resort.  It was a great experience. While at Sundance, I heard Bob tell this story. Redford was good friends with Paul Newman. Newman had become a racing enthusiast and was [...]

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