Ted Nugent On Gibson Raids:”Illogical, Anti-American, and Contrary to Claims of Creating Jobs”

Rocker and Political Analyst extraordinaire Ted Nugent spoke out against the Department Of Justices Raids on  Gibson Guitars on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs. Some Classic Ted Quotes: “Life as we know it would be worthless with out Gibson” “This is going to come to an end -we’re going to vote these punks out of […]

Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust

The more I watch the debates of our Presidential candidates the more I must align my self with Ron Paul. His values appear to be my values, we both believe in smaller government, liberty, the constitution and the free will of the people. My favorite Ron Paul Quotes… “1913 wasn’t a very good year. 1913 […]

What to do About WikiLeaks and It’s Sources?

I find WikiLeaks latest posts offensive. It is not whistle blowing, its treason, espionage and a blatant attempt to ruin the United States of America, politically, socially and economically.  It’s an outright attack on America. The documents were gathered illegally through a coward. Our President isn’t taking this very serious. So let’s pretend I am […]