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The Utah Legislature Supports the 10th Amendment but not the 4th

Apparently the Utah legislature is no fan of The Constitution. This year legislature passed House Bill 150 “Administrative Subpoena Amendments” that broadens the powers of prosecutors to bypass the Constitution once again but this time it includes more crimes which include suspected felonies, as well as cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment (misdemeanors).

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Utah Politics at Its Wackiest 2010

I love the politics of Utah… It’s a train wreck that never ends and is endlessly entertaining. The jackasses that run this state are plentiful. The schemes mostly hare-brained and mostly we can blame the Mormons if you read the majority of commenter’s posts on Utah news sites. Here are a few of my favorites [...]

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Orrin Hatch Sucking Up to Sell More Records

I love Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. Senator Hatch allows his stupidity to shine through, like water busting through a broken pipe. John Forte had his sentence commuted by President Bush. Forte gained freedom because while in an expensive prep school he befriended the son of Carly Simon. Carly Simon and her like minded musician friends [...]

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What is Wrong with Sheldon Killpack?

In America there are really four branches of government but the apathetic American people think that there are only three, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The fourth part of the system is The People. If government isn't representing you and your views properly they should be fired. Vote the bastards out of office. However The People [...]

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