Test remote SQL connectivity EASILY!

This whole post is stolen from: Steve Rachui's Manageability blog – ConfigMgr/OpsMgr Premier Field Engineer/Microsoft Dedicated Support Engineering Original Post: Test remote SQL connectivity Easily! DISCLAIMER:I simply posted it to my blog so I can find it in the future. Steve Rachui deserves full credit.  I learned about something very useful today and thought I’d [...]

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CUBESTORMER 3 Smashes Rubik’s Cube Speed Record

I have always been a huge fan of Lego’s and the endless creative process.  I guess it’s the parts that allows for one to use their minds to create and imagine things in a new way.  I remember spending my youth building crazy contraptions and using my imagination to complete the vision. If any of [...]

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The Worst Passwords of 2013

Here are a list of the Worst Password of 2013 courtesy of the massive Adobe leak of 40 million passwords. Because this data was culled from the Adobe leak its probably why adobe and adobe123 make the list. I am sure you could probably substitute any website in there IE: microsoft and microsoft123 Here are [...]

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Ki – The BEST Mobile Device Security Protection EVER!

Ki is a tiny wireless ID that automatically unlocks your mobile devices just by getting close. Eliminate password & PINs entirely with invisible security - Ki! My friend and cousin's husband Jess has created a device for securing mobile devices invisible without swipes and codes and other methods of securing mobile devices like phones, tablets [...]

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