How I Sold 5 Guitars Using YouTube

I like to help small businesses with their online marketing.  Starchild Music Productions a small guitar store and guitar teaching studio had purchased 5 Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE to sell to their customers.  After the guitars had sat on the shelf for a few months I decided to try an experiment to get these [...]

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Stop Online Piracy ACT (SOPA)

I want to start off by saying I am against piracy and copyright violations. As usual the morons in Washington want to censor the internet.  Yesterday Congress held hearings on Bills S. 968 (the Protect IP Act) and H.R. 3261 (the Stop Online Piracy Act). These bills will hold entire websites responsible for any improper [...]

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How to Disable Facebook’s Facial Recognition

Facebook's masive computer systems will soon be able to recognize familiar faces. Facebook is changing the process for tagging friends in photos uploaded to the social network, the company announced on Tuesday. In the next few weeks, the system will scan all images posted to Facebook and suggest the names of people who appear in [...]

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Small Business Documentation on a Budget: Wiki

Over the weekend, one of my web projects surpassed 1,000,000 page views. This is an incredible milestone especially since the website is completely internal with no external web traffic. It means that less than 150 people created all those page views. I couldn't be more excited about it. It's a great accomplishment. I work for [...]

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Spokeo: Brilliant Social Marketing Using Fear

Lately I have seen a lot of facebook updates with something like: "FYI EVERYONE - There's a site called and it's an online phonebook that has a picture of your house, credit score, profession, age, how many people live in the house. Remove yourself AND ANY AKA OR SPOUSE by the Privacy button on [...]

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