Busted For Surfing Porn on Live TV.

Being an IT person I have seen a lot of disturbing things people have viewed at work while surfing the internet. I have seen porn. I have discovered people's sexual orientation. I have seen it all. Macquarie Private Wealth adviser David Kiely was caught on live television looking at semi-nude pictures of Australian [...]

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Cell Phone Location Accuracy: Don’t Let the Salesman Fool You.

When a caller calls 9-1-1 the most important thing to convey to the call taker is location location location. Many times the caller can give this information but in some cases they can't. This is where call location technology comes into play. Information coded inside the call sends location data to the 9-1-1 call taker. For the past 30 plus years the public has become accustom to the fact that when you call 911 from a land line that your address (Automatic Location Identifier or ALI) and phone number (Automatic Number Identification or ANI) information is displayed for the call taker on the other end of 9-1-1. This has given the public and first responders a level of comfort that even if you can’t speak if you can dial 9-1-1 we will find you. This is true.

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A List of a Few of the Many Blogs I Read

I love the internet for reading. I really don’t like sitting down and reading a book as I would rather read on the internet. I think its because I think the information is stale. The real time of the internet allows to follow things in a more timely manor. Blogs are a great way to get information that I am currently interested in. I have included a few blogs that I read and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

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