Google Chrome…

Google stuns the world and releases its own web browser called Chrome. Why would Google enter the fray that has been one of the little darlings of Microsoft? Google has grown up to become the dragon slayer. It has done what other companies only dreamed of and that is put a serious nick in the [...]

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Government Plans to Monitor Peer to Peer Networks

Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) wants the US Government to fund $1 billion in tax dollars to monitor peer-to-peer networks. Two years ago, Special Agent Flint Waters from the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office developed software dubbed “Operation Fair Play” to monitor Internet Crimes against Children. I hate child predators. I think they should have harsher penalties [...]

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Nerd Alert

Today I passed my exam to be a HAM radio operator. It wasn't really that hard. I had four 2-3 hour classes. Then I had a 35 question test. In all honesty it was never an interest but my work paid for it and so I took the free training. It made me think what [...]

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Webnovate – Innovating & Renovating the Web One Site at a Time!

I have a part-time job with a local web development company called Webnovate. Webnovate specializes in custom web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and web marketing. We are a firm that is located in Provo, Utah with clients throughout the United States. We specialize in innovating new websites and renovating old ones. We focus mostly [...]

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