Experience a BASE Jump off World Trade Center

On an early, fall morning nearly 3 a.m, on September 30, 2013, three daredevils B.A.S.E. Jumped from the 1 World Trade Center.  The jump from 1368 feet in the air only took a few minutes and gives a great view of the city.  This incredible video of the leap, shot  from the GoPro camera on one […]

Low Level Flight Video From Inside the Cockpit of One of the World’s Fastest Jets

So how does it feel zipping through a valley at 250 feet and 400 plus miles an hour in Royal Air Forces jets? Amazing…. The London Science Museum got the Royal Air Force to capture an in-cockpit video with one of the worlds fastest jets, the Eurofighter Typhoon. This plane can fly up to 1,500 […]

Tubalr Using YouTube as a Music Stream

For years I have used YouTube to power my musical tastes, from searching out classic music like Van Halen Unchained to listening to new groups I have never heard of.   YouTube made it easy for me to access different versions of music including covers, unpublished and rare cuts. Enter Tubalr Cody Stewart created a […]