I admit it I have become some what of a browse-aholic on a local TV stations classified ads board. I was endulging in my habit when I came across this ad. It made me chuckle so I thought I would share it. Since KSL Classifieds has no sense of humor and will most likely delete it, I have archived it below.  Ad taken from this url: KSL Classifieds

Honda Accord
Price, UT 84501
Jul 7, 2009
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1987 GOLD honda accord on 13s..Talk about getn STATUS in the HOOD… It does RUN…really it does. Has New tires, New gold 2 hours custom spray paint job of 6 cans @6.23 a can, and stunts on 13” chrome hubcaps. Has radiator leak. Drives okay… but you have to keep putting coolant in it… but thats with most off road cars anyways. It has dings and dents on the body. The car does have jumping capabilities and can ride a wheelie on front and back wheels with a skilled driver of course…Do not attempt if you suck @ driving. Reason for selling: it’s too damn ballin for us. We want to tone it down a bit and maybe get a Rally Van. I only put PREMIUM 91 gas in it and change the oil every 20 jumps and not a jump more! Pick up this ballin whip for cash money only.. for a steal @ A REDUCED price thats bustin my balls for $250 O.B.O or 250 items off the dolla menu. or trade for something else that runs of equal or better value preferable better. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY-


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