After a 14 year run today was The End of The Chunga Show.

Apparently its been reported at All Access that Citadel the owner of The End has adopted a dj-less format that will focus on 90’s music and Gen X’ers.

ALL ACCESS is hearing from reliable sources that CITADEL Triple A KENZ(THE END)/SALT LAKE CITY is set to change formats TOMORROW (4/21) — the rumor is it will adopt the new jockless Gen X format that focuses largely on 90’s music. The station had been a Triple A since 1996.

Station APD/MD GRANT RUBY is one of many of the staff at the station that was let go today. You can reach him at

No word posted yet on Grant Ruby’s blog. No word on their website either. Wikipedia posted that it ended today. CityWeekly Announced the demise.

While over the last few years I haven’t been a big fan of the Chunga show this is certainly a loss to Salt Lake City Radio.