The Chunga Show at 101.9 THE END is Over!

After a 14 year run today was The End of The Chunga Show.

Apparently its been reported at All Access that Citadel the owner of The End has adopted a dj-less format that will focus on 90’s music and Gen X’ers.

ALL ACCESS is hearing from reliable sources that CITADEL Triple A KENZ(THE END)/SALT LAKE CITY is set to change formats TOMORROW (4/21) — the rumor is it will adopt the new jockless Gen X format that focuses largely on 90’s music. The station had been a Triple A since 1996.

Station APD/MD GRANT RUBY is one of many of the staff at the station that was let go today. You can reach him at

No word posted yet on Grant Ruby’s blog. No word on their website either. Wikipedia posted that it ended today. CityWeekly Announced the demise.

While over the last few years I haven’t been a big fan of the Chunga show this is certainly a loss to Salt Lake City Radio.

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  1. that sucks cause The End was like my favorite station and now all they are playing is crap for “Generation X”!

  2. I'm so angry about this! The Chunga Show saved me from losing my faith in morning radio when I moved to Utah from Vegas. I was certain that every radio station here sucked! Well…now they do! There is no station out there playing new music. It's all country, hip hop, mexican, or this gen x garbage! If I'm wrong, please point me in the right direction. Granted The End's playlists were really repetitive and not so great, Chunga was the only time I listened but he and Cort made me laugh and got me ready to face my day. Very, very unpleasant morning. If there's another good morning show (with GOOD music) out there please let me know where it is.

  3. It is a serious loss to terrestrial radio. I was a listener/fan from almost the very start. I loved the show… Over the past few years its gotten tired. I think it started when they canned Little Stevie Oldfield.

    As far as local radio you have no similar choices. I am a big lover of satellite radio.

  4. It about time. I was a big fan until they let Mister go several years back, it just wasn't the same after that.

  5. I'm of two minds here. I really liked the station, but I grew tired of them constantly firing on air personalities I liked and/or got used to. Maybe it was time for them all to go.

  6. Sounds like Chelsea got out at the right time. Chunga was great. The others were pretty good side-kicks, but Chunga truly was the morning deal. When he was out, the show took a major dip. It's too bad the show is gone, but history proves that months from now there just won't be that many of us that remember about the show. I benefited from the “Win a Room” and still watch movies using that surround sound. Good luck to Chunga and the others that were messed over by Citadel.

  7. I am not sad that Chunga is gone- but I am sad to see another radio station fall prey to the dj-less format and also to lose the Modern/Alternative format. I agree that the station has not been the same since Mr. West was fired- I guess it has been on a rapid and steady decline for quite a few years.
    I fear that eventually all stations will be dj-less in time- radio won't be the same. I am really considering getting a satellite radio subscription even though it means I will pay monthly- it will be worth it in my mind so I can pick what I listen to- not the 90's genX crap the station is now playing.

  8. I don't understand the point of DJ-less radio. Isn't that the same as my iPod, except with annoying commercials and songs I don't like? Let's boycott the sponsors and bury citadel in an unmarked grave.

  9. SO sad!!! The Chunga show was the only good morning show in Utah!!!! why DJ less radio… like the guy said thats just your ipod. this is ridiculous!!! i wont listen to that crappy station any more!

  10. I have been a loyal listener for 10+ years. This was the only station I ever listened to. I thought I was hearing things when the change was made. I can guarantee that I will NOT be a listener of the new crap that is now 101.9. I mainly listened for the personalities. Now that they are gone, what is the point!

  11. The Chunga Show and Cort were the only reason I listened to this station, they were what made it good. I can get the music on every other radio station but they kept me from changing the channel. Not anymore I guess.

  12. Chunga was an arrogant, name dropping, egotistical, idiot!! The things that he has done in the past have come back to bite him on his back side. Anyone who believes in karma is rejoicing today. Both Casey and Mister West are probably grinning from ear to ear!!

  13. I am really going to miss listening to the Chunga show in the mornings. I hate all the other morning shows. I am liking the new music how ever. I have been waiting for a station that would play the good old songs! The new music sucks!

  14. What the heck happened to my radio station this is the stupidest thing any radio station has ever done i htink they lost about all there listeners this will be there demise its to bad maybe the chungal show can start there own radio station they would most deffianatley succeed!
    sighned a very dissapointed listener !!!!!

  15. I tried to like the new station, but I just can't. It pretty much sucks. I wish they'd change it back!

  16. I think its a daring business move. I think if you guys want it back its time to make your voices heard. The internet is the great equalizer. I will allow you (anyone) to write a post of why you want it back and post it here. Send me an email and we can discuss it further….

  17. I Miss CHUNGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son and I listened every morning while I drove him to school and then I listened on my way to work. I love Chunga and it is a serious loss to SL Radio!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yep this really sucks!! If anyone hears where Chunga ends up let me know. I couldn't agree more this stupid DJ less radio is basically my CD player in the 90's but with commercials. So painful!! Don't worry you'll never have me listening to 101.9 the end again. What a huge mistake they made.

  19. I haven't lived in Utah for over 10 years. Been in the east coast, midwest, and listened to a lot of terrible radio stations. There aren't any DJ's that can compare to Jimmy Chunga. Not only did he provide the humor I needed to start each day with a laugh and a smile, but his selection of new and interesting music would be 6 months ahead of his national competitors. My new playlists were always from their top 40 and new music they played on the station. Cidadel's foolish decision to terminate its relationship with LIVE DJ's and isn't a tragedy for Utah radio listeners, it has become a tragedy for national radio and internet listeners. Their music has become the same crap that we listen to on every other station. They have lost one of the most unique and talented DJ's…. Jimmy Chunga.

  20. 101.9 really sucks now. First Mister, now Chunga. I say we've heard the last of 101.9. What a lame station it is now!

  21. Well, I always liked the Chunga show, but when they let Mister go a couple yrs back, it wasnt the same. Though, I did still enjoy listening to Chunga, I have already removed 101.9 from my preset. I may not have listened to it a lot, but every morning i enjoyed listening to the chunga show for about 15 mins to get to work. Now, I hardly ever listen to radio. Nothing worth listening too. Maybe the news?

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