Over the last 10 years the media as we know it, print and TV have been dying a slow painful death. I remember the rise of 24 hour news with the rise of CNN. I remember watching the first gulf war live on CNN.  Lately the print and even TV news has begun to fail.

Why is print and TV failing?  It may seem simple…the internet. The internet has splintered the audience. TV and print are now vying for same pool of money but now the internet news properties are also drinking from the same pool.

However I don’t think it’s just the internet. Sure the internet has made the profits lower for TV and print but I think that TV and print have lost their reporting edge. It has certainly trimmed the fat from the large organizations and killed the smaller firms. But that isn’t the only reason.

The main reason the mainstream media is failing is that they have lost their ability to report important news with authority. The mainstream media have lost their authority and integrity. No longer are the major news organizations seen as a neutral authority.  They are now seen as being biased. They have lost their neutral perspectives and now favor things that in the past they wouldn’t have favored. Like ABC pimping the Presidents new and improved social medicine.

It’s not just ABC that is biased. MSNBC has Keith “I hate all things Republican” Olberman who does nothing but slam Republicans as well as Fox News who apparently are completely biased to the conservative side of the spectrum. I think most people want the facts given to them in a neutral manner so they can decide for themselves.

Because of bias and agenda’s people have sought alternative sources for their news. The mainstream media also seem to be more obsessed with pop culture nonsense instead of news. I mean how much Britney Spears crap can a network run? Who cares if she didn’t wear panties to some party at PDiddys. The public has found millions of other sources available in real time on the web.  One source that has popped up recently is the social networking tool Twitter.

twitter-logo-smallSince last Friday Twitterers has crucified CNN for their Iranian election coverage. Just do a twitter search with the hash tag #CNN Fail. The tweets blasting CNN has been huge. It has been so huge that CNN has had to address it and produce content refuting the tweets. It has also become so important that..

The State Department this week asked Twitter to postpone a scheduled maintenance shutdown of its service to keep information flowing from inside Iran amid the growing crisis over its disputed election. Associated Press.

I think this is a positive step for media and for the media consumer. More options mean more coverage and no longer can the mainstream media stay biased and stay in business.  News followers want facts not opinions masquerading as facts.