Comcast: Its a love/hate… mostly just hate.

I have a love hate relationship with my internet service provider. I love one thing… the speed but hate almost everything else.

Here are a list of things I would change if I were magically put in charge at Comcast.

Really I need to reboot my modem weekly?

Every week without fail I get to reboot my modem and my router for no reason other than it got confused.

Why does it matter to Comcast?

How the hell could I ever trust you with a business account. Could you even imagine if I had to call my clients I referred to you and have them unplug the modem and wait a few minutes and plug it back in. Now go to your router and do the same thing.  They would die.

How about saving some money by not requiring the novice user to contact you for support.

Upgrading my modem yearly

They expect me to drive to their location and stand in line for 20 minutes just to swap out my modem.

This just sucks. Can’t you mail me one and I send the other one back prepaid?


I am a no hassle kind of customer.  Let me pay my account using a credit card or bank account and you will never ever hear from me again.  No need to send me a bill or a reminder just do your automagical bill pay and leave me the hell alone.  If I want to upgrade or buy more I will ask. Until then leave me alone.

I guess back in May my original card expired. I didn’t hear a peep from Comcast. Today I received a bill for two months payment. There was a pay by mail or a pay by phone for the low processing fee of $5.  WTF? Really I have to pay more to just pay my bill. I don’t think so.

I decided to just update my card.  I spent nearly 1 hour on the phone and in online chat trying to fix it. All I wanted to do was change my card info. My login I had record for didn’t work. I called. It took 3 tries to get to a live body.  The guy on the phone while sugary sweet was trying my patience. I was put on hold about every other question.  My time is just as valuable as yours don’t put me on hold. He transferred me and it didn’t work. I called back and the wait was longer than the original 10 minute hold time.

After several tries including putting my information in 3 times I got a live body via chat.

Why does this matter to Comcast?

I am a no hassle no frills customer. It takes nothing but uptime to make me happy. However if you make it a huge hassle to pay my bill I will become a nuisance.  Poor design makes it more labor intensive to service my needs as well as to just take my money. Streamline the process and make it easier for the customer. Don’t transfer me around for a simple billing change.

Do what you tell me you will…

I once cancelled my 2 year contract with Comcast Cable TV because they no showed  on the day of the install. After DirectTV didn’t want to help me get a DVR affordably after 8 years but would if I was a new customer, a Comcast rep came to my door promising me the moon and stars. I asked when he said tomorrow between 1 and 5.  He now showed. When I went to call my rep a DishNetwork rep appeared on my doorstep. I asked when and he installed it within an hour. I called right then and cancelled a $150 a month account.

Why does this matter?

You lost a customer for your services, all because you didn’t do what you promised. How many more are you losing? I know its impossible to please everyone all the time but you seem to constantly disappoint.

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  1. Not to mention that they have a monopoly on stations like The Mtn. so everybody who doesn't have Comcast can suck eggs when it comes to watching Mountain West Conference games — grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Hi Eran,

    We obviously haven't provided the best experience and we would like to share your feedback with our leadership teams in your area. Can you please email us with your details? We'd like to show you just how serious we are about making things right for our customers.


    Detreon Roberts
    Comcast Corporate Office

  3. Larger the Company = Worse Customer Service. Qwest isn't much better. However, there is one exception…Veracity. They suck even worse! It took me 5 months to cancel an account that they were continuing to charge my credit card on. Tech Support is answered by a receptionist that decides if your call is worthy of talking to someone that actually knows something and can do something about the problem. They refer to this person as their “lead engineer” to make you feel nice and fuzzy, but your lucky if you ever hear back and if you do, its probably a few days out. Note this is for things any normal ISP can have the first tech support person that answers do in 5 minutes. And talk about a Monopoly, there is ONE ISP for iProvo, Veracity. So when they buy out Broadweave earlier this year, in which you were paying $80 month….but then they all of a sudden jack your bill up to $150, yes a 90-100% increase unless you will change your phone service to them (which you are in a contract with Qwest on), and you have no other option….that my friend is called a Monopoly and Price gauging. Vent Closed. 🙂

  4. So Eran – did anything ever come of the Comcast debacle… Did they ever REALLY do anything to make amends?

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