Today I am the star of the day at Utah’s largest car blog, The Daily Derbi.  I won some tickets to the 2011 Utah International Auto Expo in Salt Lake City.

I really don’t remember when I stumbled across The Daily Derbi.  Its been a while but I love it for a bunch of reasons.

1. It’s about cars. Anyone that chats about cars especially Ferraris makes them worth adding to my Google reader.

2. Its a local blog.  It deserves a huge kudo for creating a car blog in Utah.  Its like trying to plant a rose on your cement driveway.  Its a tough because Utah is not a car lovers state by any stretch of the imagination.  If you aren’t into mini-vans and trucks as sexy lovable cars you are screwed. You are more likely to see the Prophet of the LDS Church than a Ferrari. Although there is a quite a large jeep off-road community that’s alive and well.  You can blame one of the Jeep mecca’s Moab. I am a recovering jeep addict.

3. I see a lot of myself in Chad Waite, the main man behind The Daily.  He loves Cars. Cars used to make me drunk with excitement and adrenaline. Growing up in California (Car Heaven) with car nut parents made me a car junkie. If only car blogging was available back in 1986 when I was 16, Chad would have some stiff competition. Back then however it was car mags to get info and photos. I remember having 4 or 5 car magazine subscriptions.  Car and Driver was my Bible despite my dad being an avid Hot Rod magazine subscriber.

4. Anyone who can get Greg Miller to let him drive his Ford GT is a hero in my book.

The point of todays post is to thank Chad and The Daily Derbi for the tickets.  I can’t wait to go.  I hope to see you there.  And to do what I love to do, promote a local small business.

So if you, too, are suffering from car addiction please head over to The Daily Derbi and follow an up and coming car blog.