Beware of the dangers of binge watching television.  I had no idea about the dark-seedy underworld of television binge watching until I was an addict.

Here is my story.

When we moved to Texas I wanted to try something different for the family.  We were TV addicts and we were paying out the wazoo for TV.  I thought that maybe we could ease off the boob tube. We went cold-turkey off the magic box. I had no idea that Television addiction is real.

It quickly became apparent that our daughter was an addict and going through withdrawls.  She racked up a couple hundred hours of DVDs in what seemed like a few days.

After a few months of this I decided to get us a Roku.  Watch TV free via the internet.  Brilliant we can watch our streaming Netflix on a real sized TV.  We added Amazon prime to our Roku as well as about 50 free channels.

Soon I was watching Netflix on a Kindle Fire HD in bed when trying to get the kids to shut up and go to sleep.  The addiction spiralled quickly out of control.  I was streaming in the bathroom or in the yard or hell when the kids were watching something else in the same damn room.

I quickly blasted through 5 years of Mad Men.  And soon I was onto Breaking Bad. Wow that was addicting.  I couldn’t stop watching especially the final season.  Holy Cow!!!!

Hello I am Eran and I am a Television Series Binge Watcher.

I am an addict.

Who knew that Binge watching has adverse effects?

A recently released parody from College Humor compares binge-watching to binge-drinking.