What has happened to customer service?

Over the last few months, customer services for products I have purchased and or use in my personal life and or my day job have become terrible.  I have meant to blog about them but I haven’t.

As I was browsing Facebook I saw a video post by a friend who posted a video about poor customer service. The company the video is about is Delta Airlines.

In my mind, the airlines are doing all they can to screw customers over.  And apparently Delta did to one poor guy.

The simple story:

Delta Airlines charged a local guy $200 to check his custom triathlon bike on a flight. During transit and or the handling of the bike, it gets destroyed. The bike is a custom triathlon bike. Delta won’t pay for the bike and won’t even refund his baggage fee despite the fact that the bike is a total loss.

Here is the video explaining why you shouldn’t fly Delta Airlines with a bike.

The video also advertises the posters website.  www.triandgiveadam.com. Apparently the video poster is James Lawrence.  James is trying to raise money to build dams in Kenya by doing 20 half-Ironman triathlons in 30 weeks.  His bike was destroyed while traveling back from a triathlon. It was a custom bike donated by a sponsor.

The Cause

“Give a Dam”  Quiet Way is working with the Kenyan government and Kenyan engineers to build approximately 1,000 water retention systems throughout Northern Kenya to relieve drought.  Each dam approximately between $10,000 and $15,000 to complete ($1,000,000-$1,500,000 total). The first two dams have been built, and began filling with water in November, 2009.  Studies are being done to insure that the design is self-sustaining, and effective.

“Famine relief” Quiet Way provides food staples to communities in Northern Kenya, currently suffering from drought and famine, until the “Give a Dam” water retention systems are in place to provide long-term relief.  Costs of feeding these communities is about $5 per person for a week.  (There are currently 3 million Kenyans starving due to drought.)

What do I think?

I think it’s a great cause. I hope my readers all donate at least $5 or at the very least post the video and share the charity website.

I think Delta should replace the bike and donate to the worthy cause as a way of making amends for horrible customer service.