Facebook’s masive computer systems will soon be able to recognize familiar faces. Facebook is changing the process for tagging friends in photos uploaded to the social network, the company announced on Tuesday. In the next few weeks, the system will scan all images posted to Facebook and suggest the names of people who appear in the frame.

Last year, Facebook began rolling the facial-recognition feature out to a test group.Facebook’s more than 500 million users have been automatically included in the database, but the company is allowing each person to choose whether to be identified by toggling a pane in the account’s privacy settings.The tool would still scan that person’s face and figure out who it is, but it won’t display that information. People can still manually tag friends.

How To disable Facebooks Facial Recognition:

1.  Go to the “Account” tab in the top right hand corner

2. Click on “Privacy settings”

3. Click “Customize settings”

4.  Scroll down to “Things others share”

5.  Click “Edit settings” next to “Suggest photos of me to friends”

6 Choose “Disable” or “Enable” from the dropdown

This doesn’t mean that Facebook hasn’t scanned your face and taken biometrics from you. It just means that it won’t use its information to tag you in photos.   I suspect some lawsuits from this shortly.