UPDATE April 21, 2010 Jimmy Chunga Axed as well.

It appears that DJ I didn’t like has left the End building.

Judging by my site stats, I believe the management of 101.9 The End in Salt Lake City has delivered me a Christmas gift. The gift is the end of DJ I didn’t like on the Chunga show. I guess tomorrow I will have to dust off my terrestrial radio and tune in and see if she is gone.

I can’t get too excited and I am not sure if I will return to being a listener since I have been hooked on satellite radio now for more than 3 years.

I can’t substantiate the claim that DJ I didn’t like is gone but here are some signs. Links to DJ I didn’t like on 101.9’s web page are gone. Her 101.9 DJ I didn’t like Myspace page has been deleted.

The best evidence is here

I wonder how long Chunga will keep going.

Update: This Morning January 5, 2010 on my drive The Chunga Show was still Christmas Break Reruns.

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