I am a junkie of science and technology and basically any nerdy documentary on TV from war history to biographies to TED to whatever. I am amazed at the rate that technology is advancing. Engineering is one of the most exciting fields.

Today a friend of mine shared with me this video of MIT students amazing gadget of electromagnetic power and the other video the genius and hard work of a paralyzed inventor. Both projects are two sparks of brilliance. One in its infancy and one that is on its way to changing the world for those who are paralyzed.


What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave them suspended in mid-air? ZeroN is a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation.

The ReWalk Suit

The ReWalk suit, described as a powered exoskeleton that provides user-initiated mobility, will help Claire Lomas complete London Marathon course, taking place in London on April 22. Her immediate challenge is learning to walk using the robotic suit in the limited time she has left between now and the day of the event. It took her two days to complete the race. (Read More)