A German company, Vollverklebung Cam-Shaft (site is in German) is building a business for vehicle wraps. You know the kind that advertises for businesses.  Their latest creation is a Ferrari 458 Italia and it is decked out in a winter camouflage.

Some people thinks it looks like a cow.  I think it’s a daring method to advertise your business. It takes a large amount of courage to promote your business by taking the latest greatest Ferrari and cover it with an aluminum foil wrap to improve its “aesthetics”. Its either incredible daring or incredible stupid. You be the judge.

Check out some of their other creations. I think its innovative and fresh.

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  1. Ok, I've rocked a 360 Modena, thank you very much! Why are Germans (like me) messing with Italian cars????? BTW , love the little silver horse on the steering wheel 😉 and paddel shifters

  2. The 360 is a gorgeous piece of machinery. I was reading that the 456 has newer paddle shifters and that the turn signals and windshield wipers are buttons on the steering wheel so that the shifters are more easily accessible.

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