There comes a time in every guitar players life that they want to learn more. In my case I wanted to learn more than just strumming. I figured I needed a good instructor.  I was lucky and a friend of mine suggested a really good local guitar instructor, Jon Dansie of Starchild Music Productions in Sandy and the main man behind The Jon Dansie Band.

Tips on Finding a Guitar Teacher.

  • Jon Dansie Guitar Teacher Salt Lake City Utah

    Determine how much time do you have to play and how much money you’re willing to devote on learning to play guitar before you start looking for a guitar teacher. This step is critical to set up criteria for you future teacher.

  • Hang out at music stores and go to store jams; talk to the guitar players there and ask them if they can recommend a teacher. Referrals are a great method to find a great guitar teacher.
  • Go to a local guitar shop and ask the store manager or clerk for referrals. They can usually give you leads and sometimes are even instructors themselves.
  • Scan the bulletin boards at cafés and music stores for ads and posters advertising guitar instruction. Write down names, rates and phone numbers. Craigslist is also an excellent place to look.
  • Peruse the advertisements in your local newspaper for guitar lessons. Penny Savor  or City Weekly usually have  ads for guitar instruction.
  • Read local and regional music publications; they almost always have guitar instructors advertising their services.
  • Check the yellow pages.

7 tips on what to ask a potential teacher.

How much do you cost?

Rates usually range from $30 to $60 per hour. My instructor Jon Dansie is $25 per half hour of private instruction. Ask if the instructor requires advance monthly payment and if they offer any discounts for weekly or monthly payments. Some give discounts for paying in advance.  Some will offer trade if you have something the instructor needs.

Everyone needs a try out.

Inquire if the guitar instructor offers an introductory lesson for free. You want to know if you are a good fit. I love my instructor. Make sure that your learning environment can be a good one.

It’s Your Time

Find out if the instructor can accommodate your schedule. You will want to find out if lessons are the same time each week or if the schedule rotates. You will also want to ask about lates and make ups. Sometimes schedules change and you may need some flexibility in your lesson schedule especially if you are a working professional. My guitar teacher is extremely flexible to meet my needs. My classes are the same day of the week at the same time. I can’t recommend Jon Dansie enough for guitar lessons in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What do I want to learn?

Make sure you ask whether they offer the particular musical style you want to learn, if you’ve chosen a style.  If you want to play Iron Maiden and your teacher only teaches classical guitar you are going to have a problem.

Inquire about their experience as a guitar teacher as well as their credentials. The teacher doesn’t need to be a graduate of Juilliard to be a good teacher but they do need some education or experience.


Ask if you may contact other students they might have. Contact those people and ask if they’d recommend that instructor. Ask about the good and the bad. You are paying for a service so you want to get the most out of it.

Beginning Guitar

The brand new guitar player is excited to start playing the guitar. In order to make playing the guitar fun and enjoyable picking the appropriate guitar is extremely important.  A Ask the teacher what type or model you should get for the style you’re going to play, if you don’t yet have a guitar. good guitar teacher will help you in picking the right guitar for you. The teacher should be able to help you find a guitar to rent or to purchase.

Learning Guitar should be fun!

Get the guitar manual that your teacher recommends; you can always change the book or the teacher if you don’t like either.

I cannot recommend Jon Dansie as a guitar teach enough. Jon can play just about any type of music you want to learn.  Jon is devoted to providing the best learning environment possible. Jon has been playing guitar for 40 years and has been teaching guitar for a long time. Give Jon a call.

My Guitar experience…

I started playing the acoustic guitar in 1994 when my girlfriend rented me a guitar and dropped me off for a class at the University of Utah. I have been playing ever since.  I spent much of the last 16 years playing guitar nearly every day.

In 2007 I decided it was time to find a teacher and take some lessons. I wanted someone who could teach me music theory, help me learn to solo and to write my own music.  A good friend of mine recommended Jon Dansie. In these three years I have learned to play 10 times better than the previous 12 years.  Jon is a great teacher and an upstanding man. I am thankful I can call him a friend.

Don’t just take my word for it Go Visit Jon!

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UPDATE: MARCH 30,2010 Jon and Company has been nominated for Utah’s Best in State for Art Education