Jon Dansie, Sandy Utah Guitar TeacherToday’s blog post I would like to talk about friends.  Friends come in all sizes shapes and colors.  Some friends last a lifetime while others quickly come and go. Friends are what make the world a better place.

Today I would like to talk about my good friend Jon. I met Jon Dansie five years ago.  I was looking for a guitar teacher and another close friend suggested Jon. My friend was enamored with Jon. He couldn’t praise him enough.  I thought my buddy had a man crush. It wasn’t until I met Jon that I understood.  The thing that I love about Jon is that from the first minute we met he treats you as if you are long lost friends. I have spent at least an hour every week for the last five years with Jon at his Guitar Studio, Starchild Music in Sandy, Utah and he treats everyone who comes into his store like long lost friends.

Jon is the most giving person on the planet.  His life philosophy is to pay it forward! Help other people and the good fortune will return to the giver.  You may have noticed that I pimp him a lot on this blog. Jon is such a huge champion for other people that I am honored to talk about him here.

One of my passions is playing the guitar. Jon is a great guitar player. He is a great teacher. He has knowledge and patience and has a great ability to bring the best out in his students. I am a self taught guitar player. I did it the hard way without lessons. Read magazines and learn to play songs. The internet pushed my abilities along but at a snail’s pace.  When I started taking lessons from Jon I wanted to learn music theory.  I had no idea how music was written. I wanted to learn the how’s and why’s and I wanted to learn lead guitar.  Jon in a few short months gave me the knowledge that I had not been able to get from books, videos or friends.

I have been trying to write a song for nearly 20 years.  The idea has been in my head and the music wrote itself to an extent. I needed help getting over the hump of how to build the structure.  His has helped cultivate this creative process, moving me closer to completing my dream of writing a song.

Jon has helped me out many times when I needed guitar repairs or new strings. His is always happy and willing to give of his time and his knowledge. Jon is a great example to me of how to be a great human being.  Words don’t do it justice but there is no other way to express it… Thank you Jon for everything.

So if you are looking to learn to play guitar or if you need to buy a guitar or have a guitar repaired please see my good friend Jon. You won’t be disappointed.

And as Pedro says… ” If you like Jon’s Facebook Page all of your dreams will come true…”