It’s been a while since I have been in rant mode but recently an experience has made me get fired up about something and that something is fundraising.

School has been in session about a month now and the fund raising sales are beginning to appear like moths to a light.  It’s an endless parade of awkwardness.  It’s the time of year where parents and children roam door to door and/or parents solicit, hassle, annoy, and guilt their coworkers in to buying, hoping to win that prize for most money raised, and most product sold or whatever. It becomes an endless competition.

And it’s not just schools hitting me up for sales, it’s the boy scouts, girl scouts, soccer teams, baseball teams, football teams, home coming blah blah blah.  I believe these are all good things to support and are important but what angers me the most is how money is raised.

The money is raised by sales of some product. I get it.  I understand that groups need money to operate and they don’t feel comfortable just asking for the money or being creative with their efforts.

Buy this useless coupon book with savings of over $2000 for the low price of $30. Buy this imported candy bar from China for $2. Purchase this special environmentally friendly light bulb so I can go on a field trip to Provo.  It just creates an awkward environment.  I can’t possible need or want 10 coupon books.  There are only so many candy bars I need or want or should eat.  It’s all too much.

The crux of my annoyance is the fact that I, the supporter, have no idea how much of the money I spend actually makes it to the organization that I am trying to support.  How much of that $2 candy bar goes to the school? How much goes to the company providing the candy bar?

If you Google “School Fundraisers” there are more than 8,600,000 sites related to school fund raising. There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses who are preying upon these groups.  If there wasn’t profit to be made these businesses wouldn’t exist.

I want to be clear… profit isn’t bad.  It’s ok for businesses to make profits.

I would prefer that 100% of my donation goes to the organizations that need money. I am comfortable for organizations to come to me directly and ask me for the money. I want to know that 100% of the money I spend goes to the organization I want to support.

If your group needs donations come and ask me. I will probably donate.  I don’t want to buy anything. I want to just give cash directly to the group.

Who was the group that came to my door and caused this rant?

The Boy Scouts of America.

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