Ok I know some of you out there think I have become a tinfoil hat wearing, government despising, end-of-the-worlder freak known also as a gun owner. I promise I don’t have a tinfoil hat, I am not building a bunker, I am not planning the overthrow of the government or anything like that. But I have decided to take a gun class to learn more about how to use my gun to protect my family and myself.

For those of you not in the know… I own a Glock 23.  (nerd link) Its a compact automatic handgun in 40 Caliber S & W.

My Story of Why I got a Concealed Carry Permit and Why I bought a Glock 23.

Anyway my friend JoeB of Alpine Geographic tipped my coworkers and I to a good opportunity to attend a class taught by a worldclass instructor.  The class is this Saturday, my birthday by the way, and is entitled Glock Gun Fighting 101.  The class will be taught at Swanson Tactical in Ogden

The class information.

Attendee must have a current Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) or an out-of-state permit that is recognized by the State of Utah. Glock pistols only.

Class Description:
An 8-hour day of combat-related drills, live-fire exercises (LFXs) and situational training exercises (STXs), built around the use of the Glock pistol for personal protection and focusing on the unique aspects of its design.

Completion of this program also makes the attendee eligible for future firearms training opportunities, if so desired.

The primary instructor is Randy Watt, Assistant Chief of Police in Ogden, Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of the 1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Gunsite Academy instructor and internationally respected special operations trainer. He is supported by several assistants who have extensive training and experience in firearms use and dangerous encounters. Instructor bios are available upon request.

I think the class is going to be very helpful and if nothing else should be entertaining being with my coworkers. I will post a report of the class.

It turns out that Randy Watt is a war hero and a great American. He is a special forces bad-ass and he is an expert marksman as well as  being awarded three four bronze stars (one with Valor device), a Meritorious Service Medal and a Combat Infantryman Badge.

Update: Randy earned his fourth bronze star a few days ago.  He will be back training the public very soon.  Its rumored to be Mayish.  I had a blast in his class.  Randy is an firearms expert and one hell of a good trainer. I hope that many other get to train under him.   We got to shoot a couple hundred rounds in a gorgeous shoot house.