“Yeah, my blood’s so mad feels like coagulatin’
I’m sitting here just contemplatin’
I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation.
Handful of senators don’t pass legislation
And marches alone can’t bring integration
When human respect is disintegratin’
This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’ ”

Eve of Destruction by Barry Maquire

I love hysteria about how more gun laws make us safer. I believe that 95% of the laws passed do nothing to protect us from what ever perceived harm. Here is an example from a letter to the editor from the Salt Lake Tribune.

No more guns

Am I the only person in this country who believes that until we pass stiffer laws regarding our access to guns, there will continue to be shooting after shooting in our universities and our places of business?

People keep asking why? The answer is right in front of your face. Even if they are sold legally, guns have no other purpose whatsoever than to harm, destroy property or kill innocent people. Is it not our right to bear arms, some argue? To those who respond with that question, I answer, no, it is my right to live without the fear that I am going to be killed sitting in a classroom or at my desk at work.

There is only one way to ensure this right. No more guns!

Pamela Beheshti
North Salt Lake

Ok ANTI-GUN People Here it is spelled out for you in plain and simple video

Gun Myths by John Stossell ABC News

Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime by John Stossell ABC News

So just to clarify it… Gun Control does not lower crime or gun violence.