Constitutional rights aren’t all that effective if you don’t know what they are. Many younger American’s have no clue what rights they have, I mean just watch Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report or O’Reily Factor.  These shows show videos all the time of the stupidity of people. Maybe if people were more educated on their rights they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to give them away. See DC Gun Registry.

  A new infographic released by is trying to educate Americans to understand what rights they do and don’t have when interacting with an officer of the law.

Explore all the rights you have during a police encounter:


The organization, that brought you this informative infographic,, recently published an in-depth guide to Paralegal careers and degree program opportunities. The new guide begins with an overview of the field and then dives into specific roles and responsibilities, essential skills, salary expectations by location, keys to career advancement, and degree and training options.

The guide’s “how to become” format makes it easy for a current or aspiring Paralegal to view the exact steps needed to enter and succeed in the field. You can read through the new guide here:

Paralegal degrees and careers:

I know many current and former Paralegal’s who love their jobs and several of them have become lawyers.