Eransworld began its hosting run at Doteasy in the Fall of 2001.  It was my first hosted site. I chose a host that at the time offered the best bang for the buck.

Late last winter I wanted to add a plugin to my WordPress website.  It turned out that I needed a newer more secure version on PHP. I had ignorantly just assumed that the webhost was updating and patching their servers as needed.  Apparently I was wrong and also spoiled at other hosts who upgrade for free.

I sent in a trouble ticket, I requesting a PHP upgrade, my first support problem in 9 years of hosting. Their support turned out to be incredibly slow.  It took 24-48 hours for them to respond to my emails.  This aggravated  the situation.

I was told that I needed to pay to upgrade.  That’s odd PHP upgrades are a free download and it will increase their security and make their server safer.  I was informed that I had to pay because Doteasy had my site hosted on an old server and only the new servers have the newer PHP.   I explained to them that I thought this was unreasonable especially since if I were a new customer signing up I wouldn’t have to pay for the upgrade.  They just wanted to earn extra money because they hadn’t upgraded my server.

I passed.

Fast forward 6 more months.

WordPress did a major upgrade and only supported the newer PHP that I had requested months prior. At this point I couldn’t do anything with WordPress.  My whole website is run by WordPress.  This is a problem. I again contacted support.  Again I was told that I needed to pay to be upgraded and I would also have to manually migrate my website.

I decide I wasn’t going to pay for this. I hadn’t had t pay at my other hosts. I wasn’t paying at this one for a simple upgrade.  Mostly I felt unappreciated for being a customer of DotEasy’s.  This just pissed me off. I decided to purchase hosting elsewhere and transfer my domain elsewhere.  I eventually got this email.

Hello Eran,

Thank you for contacting Doteasy.

May we kindly ask why you are thinking of transferring your domain name away from Doteasy? Was it perhaps because of the one-time cPanel Setup Administration Fee US$12.95 to upgrade to the new cPanel server?

Please advise.

Thank you.


Doteasy Customer Service
“Join the hosting revolution!”


I had asked nicely. I had tried to work with them to find a solution that worked but they didn’t want any of it. They just wanted my $12.99.

I ended up moving my site from Doteasy to GoDaddy for cheaper and far superior support.

Why would a business owner fight with a customer over a small and silly charge?  I don’t get it and I strongly recommend you don’t use DotEasyHosting.