I never ever do these tag games… This one intrigued me however.  I was tagged by Marque Trosper.

The instructions are simple…

Post the 7th Picture from your 7th Folder. 6th and 6th 5th and 5th etc.  The final step is to tag others.

Here they are in all their glory. Photos are clickable to view larger.

This is me back in the summer of 1988 outside McCall, Idaho on a trip with the scouts.

Cal and Sunny… Telling Us they would like a bath.
Sunny and Cal

My Daughter age 1 and half


Owies… Leave your only child with the grandparents and Jr comes home with an a owie.


Family Pictures


Santa Frightening the Christmas Out of Children


My Childhood Home in Penryn, CA from August 2008