This year was a tough year.  We lost a lot of people that have impacted my life in some way meaningful or other probably sentimental. I have listed them in mostly chronological order. I hope that my kids get to know me a little better by sharing. So here is my attempt to share why they mattered to me.

David Bowie

A musical genius who knew how to write a great tune and had the ability to constantly change. I can’t explain to why his music resonates with me but it does.  I listen to his music frequently. Lost on Jan. 10.

Alan Rickman

Hans Gruber in Die Hard… the greatest villain ever and some Harry Potter something who cares. Lost on Jan. 1

Dan Haggerty

Sunday nights watching “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.” With my mom and dad. Lost on Jan. 15.

Glenn Frey

Part of one of the greatest bands in the world. He wrote great songs and harmonies that still bring me goosebumps. I was lucky enough to see his band The Eagles twice. Lost Jan. 18.

Abe Vigoda

Barney Miller was a show that I watched during the summers late at night in my youth. It was in constant syndication. And who could forget his role in “The Godfather”. Lost Jan. 26.

Maurice White

Earth, Wind & Fire founder Part of some catchy tunes in the roller skating days. Lost Feb. 3.

Antonin Scalia

Influential conservative and most provocative member of the U.S. Supreme Court. I found him fascinating especially his knowledge of the Constitution.  Lost Feb. 13.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Veteran Egyptian diplomat who served a single term as U.N. secretary-general. Why did I include him? So many David Letterman shows included jokes about this man’s name. Lost Feb. 16.

Harper Lee

Every kid in my school had to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” and watch the movie. Feb. 19.

Nancy Reagan

Ronald Reagan’s wife 8 years of telling me to “Just Say No.” March 6.

George Martin

There are no Beatles without George Martin. The Beatles very much influenced my life. Lost March 8.

Garry Shandling

Actor and comedian who I found hysterical. Lost March 24.

Merle Haggard

Outlaw country folks “Okie From Muskogee” April 6.


One of the most inventive and influential musicians of modern times with hits including “Little Red Corvette,” “Let’s Go Crazy” and “When Doves Cry.” And one hell of a guitar player. Lost April 21.

Morley Safer

Veteran “60 Minutes” correspondent, a show I watched religiously for a long time. Lost May 19.

Muhammad Ali

Watching him fight in my youth on Wide World of Sport and a true statesman for his whole life. Volumes have and will be written about this man. Lost June 3.

Gordie Howe

Known as “Mr. Hockey,” the ultimate hockey player… playing professionally from 1946 to 1980. Go Red Wings Lost June 10.

Youree Dell Harris

Actress who became famous playing the Jamaican psychic Miss Cleo endlessly on tv during my college days. King Henry Apt 28 Forever Lost July 26.

Kenny Baker

R2-D2 in the “Star Wars” films need I say more  Lost Aug. 13.

John McLaughlin

Conservative commentator and host of a long-running television show that pioneered hollering-heads discussions of Washington politics. I watched John for nearly 3 years straight while I worked at KBYU TV. Lost Aug. 16.

Donald “D.A.” Henderson

Epidemiologist whose leadership resulted in the eradication nearly 40 years ago of smallpox, one of the world’s most feared contagious diseases. No other reason than this guy was a hero. Aug. 19.

Gene Wilder

One of the funniest guys ever “Young Frankenstein.” is still a favorite.  “Blazing Saddles” made my mom laugh Lost Aug. 28.

W.P. Kinsella

If you build it they will come. “Field of Dreams.” Lost Sept. 16.

Arnold Palmer

Endless golfer and TV pitchman reminds me of Pennzoil Lost Sept. 25.

Shimon Peres

Former Israeli president/prime minister, Nobel Peace Prize winner and real peacemaker. Hero Lost Sept. 28.

Leon Russell

He performed, sang and produced some of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest records. Lost Nov. 13.

Florence Henderson

At least 10 years straight of watching “The Brady Bunch.” in reruns on Channel 40. Closet thing to losing my real mom.  Lost Nov. 24.

John Glenn

American badass from his 1962 flight as the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth to a long career in the U.S. Senate. Hero Lost Dec. 8.

Alan Thicke

Again my youth and “Growing Pains.” Dec. 13

Zsa Zsa Gabor

It’s the accent daaaaaarling. The Kardashians should thank her for creating the being famous for being famous. Lost  Dec. 18.

George Michael

Music of my youth… How many times did I dance to “Careless Whisper” Lost Dec. 25.

Carrie Fisher

Every boys first Princess Lost Dec. 27.