This is why I love  the BBC’s Top Gear.  What other show would take at $250,000 car and a professional rally car driver and race in a real race.?

In this clip James May and Kris Meeke compete at the WRC Rally GB in a Bentley Continental GT Speed. That’s right a Bently Continental GT Speed.

The Car: Bentley Continental GT Speed


The Bentley Continental GT Speed is the fastest, most powerful two-door coupé that Bentley makes. It has 625 HP coupled with an eight speed close ratio transmission attached to all-wheel drive. The 2013 Continental GT Speed go from zero to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds. The previous model years sticker price was $213,995 base and the SuperSport price of $278,000

The Rally Car Driver: Kris Meeke

Kris MeekeKris Meeke is a professional rally driver. He was the 2009 Intercontinental Rally Challenge champion.

What is WRC?

The FIA World Rally Championship is a rallying series organised by the FIA, culminating with a Champion Driver and a Champion Manufacturer at the end of the season.

Widely regarded as the most challenging motor sport competition on the planet, drivers travel around the globe, battling it out on some of the most unforgiving terrains and enduring extreme weather conditions, to be crowned the world’s greatest driver.

Each rally follows the same format – 2 days of reconnaissance on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by Shakedown on Thursday, and 3 days of competition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The rally route is made up of Special Stages – the competitive parts of the rally where drivers must race against the clock to achieve the fastest stage times, and the Road Sections which link each Stage and are part of the public highway.

There are currently 15 different countries who host a round of the WRC, with many more countries holding ‘candidate’ rallies with the hope of being included on a future calendar.

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