Getting Stuck in Mary Ellen Gulch American Fork Canyon Utah 05-27-03

untitled-26This was just supposed to be a short jaunt up into the mountains… You know the story a “3 Hour Tour”… ala Gilligan’s Island. Then in the middle of the trail after turning around so we wouldn’t get stuck. Boom It happens an Oooops!!! Trying to negotiate a tight spot on the trail I fall victim to the rushing water. Ok I was looking at the scenery and got to close.

We had to hike about a mile and up about 900 feet to get phone service as daylight faded. I had to call about 8 people to find anyone home. Lucky for us my long time friend Vince answered and had a GPS to find us.  This was the first trip into the woods with my GPS. We ended up hiking the whole trail down and ran into Vince. He had brought his mother in laws Jeep Cherokee and it pulled us out in a matter of seconds. Thanks Vince. Topo Map 221K GPS N 40.545499 W 111.630302

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