My wife and I love to go out into the the local canyons and explore. I had read about Miller hill . So we decided to trek out to see it. We had tried several times before we found out we were taking the wrong trail. The text below is from the seperate pages of photos from my old site.

3aMiller Hill is surrounded by theĀ Mary Ellen Gulch on its southwest, the main canyon on the north and south and a low divide between Mary Ellen Gulch and Mineral Basin. Miller Hill is named after Jacob and William Miller who lived in Park City Utah. The Millers had been working the area to some extent with mules and plows. In 1871 they sold their claims to the Aspinwall Steamship Company of New York. The mountain still bears their name today. The mountain was a main site of mining activity in the canyon.

On January 19 1906 just after noon, George Tyng was in his cabin office when an avalanche occurred and crashed down through his cabin killing him. His body was hauled down the canyon to American Fork. His will was read and it stated that he wanted to be buried just below his boarding house on Miller Hill. His body was taken back up the canyon on toboggans and on January 30 1906 he was laid to rest on top of Miller Hill. This story was originally taken from Unfortunately the site no longer exists.

There are thousands of wildflowers along the trail. The aspen forests are thick and beautiful. It was interesting reading the carvings in the trees. Some of the dates on the trees are from 1911. It was interesting to think that miners traveled this road beginning over 125 years ago.

A big part of this website is to document our travels and to promote off-road adventures. Driving off road can be relaxing and beautiful. In the 10 years that I have owned a jeep I have spent hundreds of hours driving in the wilderness. I can’t believe the scenery and the wildlife I have been able to see. It can be done with a very low impact on the environment. I want those who aren’t familiar with the sport or with the outdoors to be able to experience it from the web.

Our Jeep. It is a 2002. We bought it new last summer. It has a 3 inch Teraflex lift with Teraflex disconnects. We run BF Goodrich AT’s. This set up has been great. We flex better and we don’t seem to drag bottom as often. We really love exploring Utah in it.

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