While living in Provo, Utah one of my favorite Sunday afternoon drives was the dirt road from Squaw Peak Look out to Hobble Creek Canyon. It has incredible views from high above Utah Valley.

We recently did redid Hobble Creek Canyon to Squaw Peak trail on our atvs. Click the link to view many more photos and videos.
Trail Information:

Hobble Creek to Squaw Peak

Distance: 20 miles one way.

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Traffic: Popular

Scenery: Incredible Views of Utah County

Altitude: 5000 feet to nearly 9000

Map: Map to Trail Head or Google Earth KMZ

Camping: Plenty of Camping off the road or if you want to pay to camp without your atvs there are two camp grounds.

Hope Campground has 24 overnight camping sites. There are no improved hiking trails near Hope campground; it is the kind of place to park it if what you want is peace, quiet and solitude. The best time to visit Hope Campground is in late spring or early summer.  No ATVs/ORVs or horses allowed.

Rock Canyon Campground has seven overnight camping units. A stream passes near the campground. No ATVs/ORVs or horses allowed.