Sometimes I am bewildered by our government… after all I work for a portion of it.

I may be extremely strange for saying this but I have always wanted to have jury duty.   I know its sick and wrong and who wants to work for $18 a day but I want this experience.  It’s an opportunity to take part in a portion of our system of government that makes America great.  A trial by the jury of your peers is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Bring it on…

Today my dream came a little closer to reality with a letter of Juror Qualification.  The Utah Government is somewhat ahead of the curve in the tech department.  I figured they had a way to do this online instead of filling out a form and mailing it in.  On the form there is instructions on how to do it all online.  Awesome.  I can do this from the comfort of my office.

I log on to the site and I get a WTF message.

Really ?

System requirements require that you use Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.x on Windows 98 or above in order to qualify online.

The Online Juror Qualification page does not currently work properly with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

According to W3 Schools…

In August 2010 less than 7% of the world uses IE 6.x.

Where in the hell would I get that?  Why bother telling me that I can do this online?

The questions I have for the government decision maker start to flow like water off of Niagara Falls…

Who the hell chose this technology delivery method?

Why would you choose non- W3 code compliance?

Why would you continue to send out links to this website?

Isn’t a web based application the most cost effective method to gather this information?

Holy $#!*!!!!  Who is running our government IT? No wonder we are going bankrupt.

And for the record I tried it on several browsers on both Vista and XP… And No it doesn’t work. Government FAIL.