I love the internet for reading.  I really don’t like sitting down and reading a book as I would rather read on the internet. I think its because I think the information in books maybe stale due to its process writing, rewriting, editing and publishing.  The real time of the internet allows to follow things in a more timely manor.

Blogs are a great way to get information that I am currently interested in. I have included a few blogs that I read and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Daily Blog Tips @ www.dailyblogtips.com/

I like this blog because the author posts often. The posts generally give me good ideas as far as creating and gathering readers for my blog. The blog gives tips and tricks to improve any blog website.  The other includes a lot of promotion ideas as well as tips and tricks for blogging software.  One of my favorite posts is 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid. If only all webmasters read and followed these tips.

Clearly Departed @ www.clearlydeparted.com/

I once worked for Josh, the author of this blog. I have found much of the information he shares on the internet to be well written. I have followed his donloper.com (web designer/SEO blog) for years and I find clearly departed an interesting political blog.  Maybe it’s because we have similar backgrounds but I often find myself agreeing with his point of view. We are both “native Californian’s living in exile.”  Josh beat me to the punch with this blog post Why I am Leaving the Republican Party.  I was thinking of writing this exact post. I love it.

Harvey Mackay’s Weekly Column @ www.harveymackay.com

Harvey Mackay is the CEO of an envelope company. His experience has allowed him to become a Business Advice Columnist and Blogger. Harvey shares incredible insights to common problems of businesses both large and small. I love to read his column and wished he published every day. I would read them all. One of my favorites is The Second Ten Commandments.

How to Make My Blog @ www.howtomakemyblog.com

This blog gives you real steps to increase the value of your blog. It often is information that is for established webmasters to tweak their sites for a little more oomph. I like the post 24 plugins that I currently use on my blog and why you should use them too.  I have found some unique content on this site.  One of these days I will use all this information to create my dream blog.  I have the idea but just haven’t pursued it.

Newspaper Girl @ www.newspapergrl.com

I am going to come clean on this one… I am a recent convert. Back in the day I was reading a popular local entrepreneur blog who would sometimes pimp this blogger.  I tried to read her and found her well…snooty.  I now find her writing more palatable. She has some very good insights into online marketing. I am glad that I have rediscovered her blog and have changed my opinion. She is a local Utah blogger.  I liked this post: Social Media – Simple Steps to Get Started

Mashable @ www.mashable.com

The site claims to be “the social media guide”. I would agree if its social media related they know about it and have written about it. The blog updates quite often. I have seen 30 updates in 24 hours. It almost updates too often. It is a good site to keep up to date on trends.  The site offers how to as well as news. It is one of the best social media sites on the internet.  There are too many posts to pick a favorite. If you are running a web company, marketing company or SEO I suggest following this site.

Michelle Malkin @ www.michellemalkin.com

I love people who expose the truth in politics. She says what a lot of people would like to say but don’t. Yes she is conservative but so am I. She slams idiots when they do dumb things. You have to love that. Right?  She has a lot of great posts. This one is one of my favorites at the moment.  The 8 cap-and-tax Republicans…and the 44 Democrats who voted no I hope to find more time to blog about the retardation of the Cap and Fraud that is about to demolish any economic recovery.  In the mean time follow Michelle and she will keep you up to date with government silliness.

I hope that with this post you find at least one new blog to read.