In the late 90’s, Napster was a music lovers paradise. Millions of songs available for free to everyone. It was great while it lasted. I discovered hundreds of bands that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I purchased a lot more music that wasn’t main stream due to Napster. I found hundreds of bootlegs. I love bootleg music.  I love the live music experience and bootleg music allows me to hear bands live that maybe no longer tour, no longer alive or never bother to come to Salt Lake City.

In 2000, Metallica fired the first shot against Napster with a lawsuit. Metallica accused Napster of everything bad in the music industry. I think Metallica even blamed Napster for the destruction of 8-track tapes.  Metallica eventually killed Napster and the free music model.

Recently Lars Ulrich, drummer and motor-mouth of Metallica said he is proud of Napster’s destruction.

Ulrich even went so far as to star in a commercial for slamming Napster.

Ulrich blames Napster for a smear campaign that hurt the bands image. Actually not really, Lars’ own silly rants about Napster created the public backlash. He looked and sounded incredible stupid.  There were many parodies of him floating around in emails.  Here is one. (NOT SAFE FOR WORK or Kids lots of F-bombs.)

Sidenote: During the Napster years we had a server at work dedicated to downloading music. We had 10000 songs or more. We renamed them to Metallica_(real artist and name here).mp3 as a protest to Lars Ulrich.

Fast forward a decade since the lawsuit and Lars has changed his mind. This interview Lars champions the music sharing.

Metallica has now done a 180 about file sharing and now Metallica supports a bootleg site called

I love live Metallica. The site has lots of free stuff to download as well as content that is pay to download. In an ironic twist Metallica has always been bootlegger friendly and usually had a special spot for bootleggers at their concert to plug into a feed from the soundboard. This has created a huge catalog of Metallica bootlegs. has a large range of live concerts that  range from the early 80’s Metallica to recent concerts.

I thought after 10 years of bashing Lars and Metallica for killing Napster I could make up and give them Kudos for creating a cool live Metallica web site assuming they are involved in this.

Now if only they would release a good album.

Just a cool Video for my Danish Fans.