My post today is in response to my friend Marque.

Marque I normally agree with you. We are very similar but this time you are wrong….

“With that said, I never wish to offend and I typically avoid discussions of religion and politics so as to not offend, but I have felt this so strongly lately. If I have offended, please forgive. In two weeks, my mind will be swept away with thoughts of college football and my comments will only offend UCLA Bruins, leaving the rest at peace.” –Marque

I love your message but I completely disagree with most of this paragraph.

Speaking of politics is not usually polite conversation among most people. It’s not usually acceptable but in today’s climate it needs to be spoken. Our leaders are out of control.

American’s should be offended. $9,000,000,000,000 is vulgarly offensive number to have as our debt. Spending that kind of money will kill this country. American’s should think about this for a moment. Successful people, businesses and countries do not keep acquiring debt. Debt is a temporary state used to leverage the next opportunity to reach the next pinnacle.

For years we have let these men and woman running our government lead our country astray with wild spending. Our leaders for the last 40 years have been on a drunken money spending bender. They have been spending without any regards to the future. American’s have allowed them to do this.

WE THE PEOPLE have allowed our government to buy us out. Politicians know that if they spend money on special interests that it will buy them votes and get them re-elected. The American nanny state has run amok. We are now giving money to all kinds of “needy”, thoroughly killing off the ability for our citizens to be responsible for their own lives.

American’s in an effort to send a message of change to our leaders need to get offended. WE NEED TO GET MAD, MAD AS HELL. Mad enough that we will no longer take the status quo. Mad enough to make change. Our leaders need to hear our anger and wrath. The more people who wake up and see the dire straights of our country should light the fire of change by getting angry. Rise up and let your voice be heard.

Too many american’s have been too a sleep for way too long. Wake Up!.

In 1773, American’s got mad.  The colonists were angry that another tax was being levied against them. A tax on a breakfast beverage that isn’t even coffee. The people rose up and started the rebellion.  The people stood up for change. No longer would they be taxed without representation. The Boston Tea Party was an event that started the fight for change.

We need to start a rebellion by sending a message to our leaders that we have had it with the same old same old. Times and policies need to change. Our leaders need to have the fear of unemployment to motivate proper change. If the current crop of corruption and ineptness can’t find change let us find a replacement for them.  The voter rebellion has begun. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.