Once upon a time Metallica Ruled the Earth and heavy metal was the master and Justin Bieber didn’t exist.  Metallica ruled the heavy metal scene. To honor their past and because some times you just need that heavy music to clean the house to or to beat that damn elliptical machine at the gym. Here are some of my favorite Metallica tunes.

Fade to Black

This is probably my favorite Metallica tune.  I love the two guitar parts.  Kirk Hammett’s guitar work is amazing to my ears.  My favorite version is from a concert at Vestereng in Århus, Denmark. (A city I lived in for 7 months). I love the outtro in the Denmark version, however this YouTube video version is pretty good.

Whiskey in a Jar

This is another one of my favorites.  Its an old Irish folk song about a highwayman betrayed by his wife to his enemy.  Prior to this version by Metallica, it was made famous by Thin Lizzy. James does a great job at playing the dominate riff.

Last Caress*

This is another cover song of The Misfits (Metallica also covered The Misfits Die Die Die another favorite).  I view this as Vietnam War protest song written 10 years too late.  The song is all Misfits with the horror and death theme.  *Song contains some strong language.

Enter The Sandman

This is the song that sent Metallic main stream.  I think this is a timeless classic taking a childhood nightmare theme and making it a rock anthem.

The Four Horsemen*

I don’t know when I first heard this song but I am sure its mid 1980’s while in high school.  The strongest memory I have associated with this song is a fishing/camping trip near Bryce Canyon, UT with two close friends Vince and Kent. Driving an incredible rough road listening to a copy of the box set Live S**t: Binge & Purge . *James drops the F-Bomb in the first 20 seconds.

So what do you think? Am I crazy? Post your thoughts below.

There is a great Metallica music download site: LiveMetallica.com