This is all a hoax by Flash owner Brandt Anderson.

In his hall of fame induction speech Michael Jordan mentioned Bryon Russell.

“From this day forward, if I ever see him in shorts, I’m coming at him.”

As the story goes a minor league baseball playing Michael Jordan stopped by the Bull’s practice facility where the Jazz were working out. Then rookie Byron Russell came over and said, “Why’d you quit? You know I could guard you. If I ever see you in a pair of shorts…” Yahoo Sports

jordanIn 1998 Jordan came at Russell. The last career shot of Michael Jordan was a game ender over Byron Russell and the Utah Jazz ending the 1998 NBA Finals. All Jazz fans remember the play, a push off by Air Jordan and a dagger through the hearts of the Jazz faithful. It was the final shot of an amazing career.

Russell has said that not a single day passes in which someone doesn’t ask him about the Jordan shot.

Russell challenged Jordan to a game of 1-on-1 after Jordan’s hall of fame remarks. Orem Flash owner Brandt Anderson has invited the two to play the game during half time of a Flash game. Anderson has offered $100,000 to the charity of their choice as incentive.

According to the Provo Daily Herald

Michael Jordan is reportedly in Orem today to take on Bryon Russell in a 1-on-1 challenge during half-time of the Utah Flash home opener against the Dakota Wizards.

I was able to watch Jordan live on a few occasions. Tonight it just might be worth the price of admission to see Russell vs Air Jordan even if they are both past their primes.

Alleged Video of Michael Jordan in a local Utah cafe.