Ok I admit it… I find motorsports amusing.  I am enthralled with horsepower, speed and torque.

I watch too much NASCAR, motorcycle racing too many car shows on HDNET etc.

This morning I saw a clip from Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, US that was incredible.

Ryan Anderson, a daring truck driver pulled off an almost impossible trick when he back-flipped his 12-ton truck off a near vertical wall during the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, US. The trick was initially thought to be impossible at least with a Monster truck. Anderson sped his “Son-uva Digger” truck to an almost vertical ramp before pulling off the stunt. Once he got into the air, he made a complete flip before landing the truck.

Ryan Anderson is the son of Dave Anderson and “Son-uva Digger” is the predecessor of the famous Grave Digger truck that Dave used.