It appears that Major League Baseball has lost their minds. The steriod scandal has pushed them over the edge. MLB is now forcing Little Leagues to remove any MLB team names from their jerseys. What the hell?

Do we really think that Little Leagues are stealing millions of dollars in revenue from baseball? Even if they are can’t we just give it to them as a baseball charity? Do you really think that the value of the teams are being diluted by this useage? Like this is the biggest problem with baseball.

What about steriods and the fact that baseball has failed to really take a stand. Make a stand on this? Can’t we just say ok we made some mistakes and there was juicing in baseball but due to the fact that technically it wasn’t in the rules we allow it to stand with a large asterisk just like the dead ball era of baseball. Does MLB really think this whole Roger Clemens thing is good for baseball. Or what about Pete Rose? Growing up Pete Rose was the bad-ass. He was da-man. Shoeless Joe didn’t get this kind of treatment. Or what about an owner Bud Selig . The Milwalkee Brewers owner is also the commissioner of baseball? Isn’t that a conflict of interest Bud? I think Bud is also approaching Bowie Kuhn status as a jerk. What about the fact that baseball has no salary cap making it almost impossible for most markets to have a winning team IE: The Pittsburg Pirates a team I have been a closet fan of for over 30 years. A team whose total team salary is less than 25% of the Yankees. Go Rays!!! kicking ass with no money… I love the underdog.

My other favorite part of this is how the media hasn’t jumped on baseball for ruining the kids game. Major League Baseball has become the Grinch….