You all know I work in Information Technology for 9-1-1.  The older I get the more important customer service is to me.  Service is the difference in making me a happy IT person or a tyrant.  With the economy the way it is we know that price is often an issue.  To me price isn’t as big of consideration when compared to service. Service is something that I want in spades with my day job.  No one wants 9-1-1 to be down.

We have been using NetMotion’s Mobility XE for the last 6 years. Mobility XE has been a great product that has worked flawlessly the whole time.

I have been preparing a new server to replace the old Mobility server. I installed the software. I tested it and it worked fine. I had NetMotion up and running but didn’t transfer the license. The new server sat for a few weeks as I was distracted by other issues.

Yesterday I was having problems with the server we use to host our mobile VPN. The server had reached end of life so I decided to move the new server into production. I tested NetMotion and it didn’t work. It appeared the service was starting but not really working. I uninstalled the product and reinstalled it and it continued to have the same problem. After a little bit of work I found the problem. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. This is where NetMotion really shined.

I sent an email to support with my problem. Within 90 seconds my office phone was ringing and it was support on the line. In a few minutes we had diagnosed the problem and the technician walked me through fixing it. It was fixed within 30 minutes. The tech also answered some other configuration questions and I was up and running. We needed new licenses for the upgraded software. The tech contacted sales and I was emailed information I needed to license the newer version.

This morning I tried to install the license and it didn’t work.

I emailed support and again with in a couple of minutes they called me back and fixed my license problem.

I am posting this to praise NetMotion’s team. The company provided me with awesome support. If you are thinking about using NetMotion products I strongly recommend them.

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