For those of you not in the know I have been spammed recently by the President (see White House Spam).

It appears that the officials at the White House have now released an official statement in regards to this spam. Like all good politicians these days the White House pushes the blame on others I am slightly surprised that they didn’t blame Fox News.

From the White House blog

Email updates from the White House have played a central role in our effort to push back on misinformation and get the facts out about health insurance reform.  These updates will continue to be an important source of information about the President, his priorities and opportunities for public participation.

Since when does the office of President push out propaganda and do it via emails? It appears since the President and the posses of Czars believe that the negative feedback on healthcare reform is because of misinformation and not that the legislation is actually flawed. More White House Fecal Matter:

It has come to our attention that some people may have been subscribed to our email lists without their knowledge "“- likely as a result of efforts by outside groups of all political stripes -"“ and we regret any inconvenience caused by receiving an unexpected message.  We’re certainly not interested in anyone receiving emails from the White House who don’t want them.  That’s one reason why we have never — and will never — add names from a commercial or political list to the White House list.

I read this part as essentially saying Blame anyone but us and in your case blame Google for supporting me and adding your email to our list.

The faux-apology came out a few hours after the House’s oversight committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif, grilled the White House about its ambitious email marketing plan. Issa had the gall to ask White House counsel Greg Craig about officials compiling names and email address of the Presidents top critics.

Darrell IssaI am concerned about the possibility that political e-mail address lists are being used for official purposes,” Issa wrote. “This, again, raises questions about this administration blurring the lines between political and official business.”

Issa also wanted to know how, exactly, the White House was using a separate e-mail account designed to track what it called “fishy” claims about its proposed overhaul"”an account that was disabled Monday afternoon.


Does this whole thing remind anyone else of McCarthyism? This time it’s not anyone with Nazi anything but anyone with a view not in step with the new leader.  See More of why I believe this:  Internet Snitch Brigade disabled, butUpdated Kudos for Issa for asking the tough question that Gibbs mocked Major Garriet for a day before. The White House is now officially covering our ass

At the bottom of every message is a link to unsubscribe from emails that anyone can use to avoid this in the future.  We have also implemented measures on to boost the security of the mailing list and we will carefully evaluate signups already received to work toward preventing this problem in the future.

And for our final jab from the White House at the sinister evil known as Fox News:

However, it’s clear that a lot of Americans appreciate getting updates from the White House and that number continues to grow.  Despite reports by some bloggers and others in the media that have invoked a variety of sinister conspiracy theories, more people signed up for updates last week than during the entire month of July.   If you haven’t joined already, you can easily sign up here.

I appreciate the President of the United States take unique steps to use technology to communicate. I think it’s appalling that they are doing it in the same ways that they accuse their "œenemies" of doing it. I would however appreciate from my leaders clear concise messages with less partisanship and more accuracy. How about giving me the facts about the legislation and not just hide the facts in rhetoric that doesn’t tell me anything?