I love Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. Senator Hatch allows his stupidity to shine through, like water busting through a broken pipe.

John Forte had his sentence commuted by President Bush. Forte gained freedom because while in an expensive prep school he befriended the son of Carly Simon. Carly Simon and her like minded musician friends thought the sentence was too harsh and has been “fighting for John’s freedom”.

The conservative Senator Hatch from Utah was schmoozed by Carly Simon, a life long hardcore Democrat who had the brass tacks to record the country ballad “Are You Lonely Here With Me” written by non other than Senator Orrin Hatch. (CARLY: HOW I HATCHED PLOT TO FREE PAL by The New York Post) Senator Orrin Hatch joined the fight.

This is where Orrin Hatch’s stupidity comes out by quote as saying “He (Forte) was no risk to society because he was not a drug user.  And, frankly, he’s a genius” in the Salt Lake Tribune 12-3-2008.

Hey lets wait a cotton pick’n moment here. John Forte might be a genius or he might have just gotten lucky that is debatable. However saying that John Forte was no risk to society because he was not a drug user is pushing the envelope of stupidity. Interesting logic Hatch uses saying Forte might not be a drug user but evidence to the contrary. Forte was busted with 31 pounds of liquid cocaine with a street value of $1.4 million. If Forte isn’t a user, I suspect he was a dealer or a supplier which I think in most peoples minds is worse than being an addict. Addicts at least have a reason to use but a successful producer who has probably earned millions was dealing drugs to make more money. I believe this is sickening and especially when this isn’t Hatch’s first intervention in a drug case involving a music producer.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Dallas Austin

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Dallas Austin

For those with short memories, this is the second rapper/producer with a drug sentence that Orrin Hatch has used his senator powers to free. In July of 2006 Senator Orrin Hatch helped free Atlanta R&B producer Dallas Austin from a 4 year Dubai prison term where Austin plead guilty to transporting cocaine into a Muslim country. Austin and Hatch shared the same attorney and is how Austin got the hook up. I asked it back then, I will ask it again now, is Hatch trying to boost his music career?

Senator Orrin Hatch has a music career. I know it sounds funny actually it sounds more awful than anything. In 2005 Hatch reported that he earned over 40k in royalties from his “music”.  I have seen him on TV peddling his CD’s as well as in different locals around Utah. I think this is a waste.  He is my elected national government official. Hatch works for me and should be in Washington taking care of national affairs for Utah. But for some reason he tries to rub elbows with everyone with fame. Don’t forget that Senator Orrin Hatch also blessed us with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a law that has done the American public a huge disservice in the advancement of technology. I think Hatch is bought and paid for by the music industry and in exchange he is purchasing favors from the music industry to fund his campaign and to promote himself. I think Orrin Hatch is a slimy bastard.